Monday, April 4, 2011

What d' u meen I hve to spell?

Over at Compuserve there has been a little discussion on spelling and grammar.  Did you know experts now say spelling is genetic?  It was new to me. 

I'm sure you've noticed on my blog that I struggle with spelling and grammar.  I don't understand it.  No matter how much I've studied and memorized "rules" it doesn't make sense to me. 

While it is nice to have something to blame my struggles on it doesn't get me off the hook, nor is it an excuse to stop trying.  While some people may find spelling and grammar easy anyone can learn it.  I can put together a coherent sentence.  Most days.  I just have to work harder at it than others who are talented that way.  It's the same for any skill or talent, some will be good at it, others will have to work harder, but that doesn't mean they can't do it. 

Spelling and grammar are very important to writers.  They are the building blocks of our sentences and thus our stories.  It's not right or professional to believe that editors will clean it up for us.  That's not their job.  It's our job to make it the best we can and that includes spelling and grammar. 

Do you think these are skills writers need to know?


  1. Yes, I do think it's an important aspect to being a writer. But I also believe it's easier for some than others. My son really struggles with spelling. He can learn how to spell a word and then the next week spell it wrong again. My daughter on the other hand, is very good at spelling. It comes naturally to her and she often corrects her older brother's work. It can be learned, but doesn't mean it will ever come naturally and easy. Thank goodness for spellcheck:)

  2. I also am extremely grateful for spell check. Although I sometimes wonder if I would spell better if I stopped relying on it.

    That's nice that your daughter will help your son.

  3. I reckon they're definitely part of the Craft off writing that's for sure, but the Art of writing, (in whatever format you choose) not so much ...

    ...BTW I've been hanging out with the lolcats at 'I can Haz Cheezeburger' and the language there is ... fantasmagorically wonderful.

  4. Art and Craft are separate parts of writing but they work together to form a whole. I don't think you can only do one and have a well done book. Just my opinion.