Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Author Extraordinaire

All right, I haven't actually read any of her books.  (I'll get to them next I promise)  I don't often delve into her genre but Joanna Bourne is insanely knowledgeable in the craft of writing.  I highly advise browsing her blog.   On the sidebar, in her what this blog is about section, go to any of the sections that seem interesting; drafting and plotting, selling and publication, process of writing.  I have not made it through all the sections but the ones I have were invaluable.  I finally know what is wrong with chapters two and three.  I've rewritten, tweaked, prayed, struggled but nothing worked.  I've gotten closer to where it needs to be and forward movement is good but know I know how to tighten it up and fix the problems I couldn't define before.  Thank you Joanna.  Now I'm off to apply what I learned. 


  1. In'it wonderful when that 'something' tweaks a neuron or two and it all falls into place. I love serendipity.

  2. It's amazing isn't it. You can hear it time and time again but then something about the way someone phrases it makes it work. I lost about 1000 words but the rewrite is going well.