Monday, May 15, 2017

Secret Gardens

Growing up I loved the book THE SECRET GARDEN. I loved the idea of finding a secret world. Somewhere to go to be by myself, to do things my way. Something I didn't have to share. It was one of those books I read over and over. Living the magic each time.

I find writing is a bit like looking for a secret garden. I'm circling a story, looking for a way in. When I finally find it, the story is neglected, pathetic, it takes a lot of time and work to shape it into something beautiful. Something others might want to share.

Sometimes I never find the way in, sometimes I can't make it into what I want, but sometimes, the magic happens and I find a beautiful story.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


We are settling down after the move and starting to regain some sanity.

I'm writing again, reading through my manuscripts. I love what I'm writing. I'm so excited to get at it. I'm so excited to be excited about writing again.

What are you working on?