Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A child shall lead them

My five-year-old is in half day kindergarten. When I go pick him up the three-year-old preschoolers are out on the playground. I like to get there a little early and watch them. They run around, literally in a circle around the playground, shrieking, laughing and just enjoying life. It’s very apparent that they are happy. Sure, sometimes they get hurt, or someone does something mean. They cry for a moment, then, miraculously, they get over it and move on to running around, shrieking and laughing again. Their emotions are so pure and unpolluted.

I need this daily jolt of pure joy. I need the reminder to live in the moment, to enjoy everything. How easily they get over trials and forgive others. I need to not let stress or worry take away my happiness. I shouldn’t even let my goals get in the way of enjoying the journey.

So, here’s to being joyful, to enjoying the moment, and not letting darkness rule the world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

More linkage

I know I did a link last time but here's another great article on how writing is hard, even for those already published.