Monday, July 30, 2012


I've recieved two awesome awards from amazing people. 

First is the Sunshine award from Deniz.

I get to answer some questions

Favourite colour: Yikes, um probably blue and green. It's hard to say. I also really like Gray.

Favourite animal: Peacocks.
Favourite number: The one that means a lot of money when I sell my book....
Favourite drink: Rootbeer floats!
Facebook/Twitter Locations: None
Favourite passion: My family.
Giving or receiving: Both.
Favourite pattern: Leaves, or vines with leaves and flowers.
Favourite day of the week:The one where they children don't argue.

Favourite flower: Iris.
The next award is from Julie DeGuia.
 And I get to share an excerpt.  Feel free to comment on this.  

 “Take care of this little man for me.”  Jonathon reached and pulled the blanketed bundle from her arms.  “Ooof.  He’s getting big.” He hefted the bundle  “Now young man, you listen to your mother and keep growing big.  Soon you’ll be able to take care of her.”  He handed the bundle back.  “I’ll be back in the spring in time for planting.” 
Maddy’s heart froze, her lungs too.  There was no air, nothing to breath.  Her face must have shown her sorrow and fear because his underwent a huge transformation.  First surprise, regret, then apology,  “Just to see if your husband needs help.”  He tried to cover his mistake, but Maddy shook her head slowly.
“No,”  She tried to smile, a contorted pathetic thing.  “It’s time I face reality.  He…”  she couldn’t go on and a few tears escaped to slide down her cheeks.  She hadn’t thought she had any tears left.
He took a step towards her and lifted her chin with his fingers  “I’ll tell you this.  He’s trying to come home.  And if he doesn’t return it won’t be because he didn’t want to. ”  She nodded grateful, more tears pooling in her eyes.  “I know if I were twenty years younger I would have raced him to your doorway, and not fought fair. Take care of yourself and the little man.  Your husband will be back.  And if you need me, I’ll come.  Any time.” 
The lump in her throat was too big and she couldn’t speak but her eyes must have said thank you well enough because he nodded and turned.  She watched him mount his horse and ride down the lane, not taking her eyes off of him until he was a speck in the distance.  “There goes a good man Sam.  We wouldn’t have made it without him.”  She turned to look at the woodpile, a gift of love.  Enough for winter and more. The winter stretched long and dark in front of her with spring planting a bright beacon at the end.  Twenty years didn’t seem so much of a difference. 
Anyone feel free to grab these awards and post it in the comments so we can come by!