Monday, August 26, 2013

More linkage

Hey everyone, hope your weeks are starting out well.  I have a few links for you.  They were so great I couldn't wait anymore to share them.

First, here is Shannon Messenger talking about feeling like a fraud as a writer. This is a great post if you're feeling down because it will perk you right back up.

Sara Walker has a post on acknowledgments and dedication pages, the how, the why, the what. 

This one was a fun post about the favorite writing tools of 20 famous actors. 

Then there are two from Joanna Bourne.  Here is a post on why the first scene should be a ghost. Here is a great post detailing what to do when you finish your MS.

I'm going to buckle down and try to get some massive revisions done this week, not to mention a synopsis. Eeep.  What are you working on this week?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heads Up

Zan Marie, over at In the Shade of the Cherry Tree, interviewed author Lori Benton yesterday.  Her writing journey is amazing and the interview is worth the read.  Not to mention they're giving away a copy of her book. And it's a very. good. book.  So I highly recommended that you all go and enter yourselves post haste. 

It's worth it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Giving or taking?

I was looking at some things on the Internet over the  weekend and I found this.  It's a picture of a wedding cake that was based on the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  Apparently the marriage couple both worked as elementary teachers and they thought this was a great theme for their wedding. 

My first thought was: What were they thinking??????

To base your wedding, your marriage, around a story about a dependent user and an enabler just seems crazy.  I know a lot of people think this book is sweet and teaches people to be generous.  Um, no.  It's a scary look into twisted unhealthy relationships.  I know everyone brings their own experiences into the books they read but I'm baffled how people think this is a good book, how they even read it to their children! I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way since I read the reviews on Goodreads.

I believe this is supposed to be a portrayal of a mother (or parent) child relationship.  I know that being a parent often feels like you have to give all of yourself to your children. And a parent should sacrifice for their children. But...maybe I'm just selfish here but really, isn't part of being a parent teaching your child how to do for themselves? At least, shouldn't it be? 

Really what I want to know is, why? Do you like the book and why or why not?  What do you see in it? I'd like to know. I want to see more than what I see, I'd like to hope that the world isn't so scary that people see this as normal. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Writing Workshop

Barbara Rogan, who is an amazing author and even better teacher, has some openings in her advanced writing workshop this fall.  The workshop is on-line so it doesn't matter where you live.  You have to have a completed draft to participate, doesn't matter if it's first draft or twentieth.  The workshop is Revising Fiction, and here are some evaluations from former students.  I'm signed up and I'm super excited for it. 

If you're interested, have questions, or want to get on the mailing list for any of her workshops you can contact her at

Happy Writing.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Birthday!

Today is a great day!  Why, you may ask?  It's the release day of Julia King's FELICITE FOUND!
Happy book birthday Felicite!

Here's the beautiful cover,

And here's a sneak peak.

“A rush of sweet warmth flooded Félicité for having remembered something about her past. The heaviness in her mind and heart seeped free from her as though it pushed itself from all of her pores. She knew that eventually everything—her memories and knowledge—would come back.
She ached for Pierre and Hélène to know her name. As fast as her legs could carry her, she sped into the living room. Pierre was sound asleep, chest rising and falling in a rhythm that followed his thunderous snores. He was so loud she found it difficult to remember why she had come to see him. However, she couldn’t bear to wake him.
She observed that the light shining through the gap of the curtains came from only the moon. It must be the middle of the night. It was difficult for her to believe that she had slept all day and into the night.
Gazing at Pierre, she noted how handsome he was even in his thunderous slumber. She wanted to touch his skin and the rough stubble of hair growth on his face. His hand that fell from the couch beckoned her to him. She resisted the urge to take it into hers, feel it, relish its rough texture, and press it to her face. Again, she felt as if she had known him for a long time.
Should she wake him to hear his welcoming, deep and vibrating voice?
No, she thought as her euphoria faded. All that was left was a lump in her throat.
Her happy news would have to wait until morning. With one last look at the most kind- natured and loving person in the world, she shuffled her feet back to bed. However, before she fell asleep, she distinctly heard her father’s voice in the room telling her, “Félicité, my daughter, I love you. I love you so much.”
She bounded out of bed like an animal pouncing on its prey and flipped the light switch. Scanning the room, she saw no one in there. She was alone.

Here is where you can find it on Goodreads. (e-book & paperback)
And Create Space

We'll be celebrating all week so join us at these blogs.

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Sign up on the rafflecopter below and you may be the lucky winner of one of her books.  

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Congrats to Julia and Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway! I know it will be a great read.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Extra, Extra

The awesome Julia King is releasing her book FELICITE FOUND this month.  Here's the banner.  Isn't it pretty?

If you want to find out more about the book check back here on the twelfth when we celebrate its release.

There are a few blog posts I wanted to share links to.  First, Peggy had a post on how to make characters sympathetic.  I thought there was some great advice there.  Next Tyner has a post about the facade we wear as writers.  I got this link from Jeff but it's 'Ten Words You've Probably Been Using Wrong'.  Last, here is a post about the epidemic of plagiarism.  Hope there's something that tickles your fancy.