Monday, August 25, 2014


This month has felt like a fight. A fight I was losing. For the first time I feel like I have an upper hand. I know the month is almost over, but maybe I can get back on top before them. Either way I'm starting to work again and that is a very good feeling. Here are a few links to keep you company through the rest of the month.

If you're following the Amazon-Hatchette controversy you might find these interesting. They helped me see things a little more clearly.  Making Sense of Amazon-HatchetteAmazon Channels Orwell.  And, Dispute Between Amazon and Hatchette

You can avoid these newbie writer mestakes.

A great post on writing a synopsis.

Kristin Nelson's quick tips on Query letters

Failure, Writing's Constant Companion

And How to love a Girl who Writes.  I'm sure this could apply to men who write also. I'm not going to say how much of this applied to me but I had to go appologize to The Engineer when I was done.

Hope you enjoy.

Monday, August 18, 2014


There are some important things I’ve been reminded of recently and I wanted to share them here.

I am so lucky to have three beautiful children.

Each of them as been adopted from wonderful families that have loved and accepted the size and shape of our family.

My husband and my families have welcomed each of our children with as much enthusiasm and love as if we’d had them naturally.

I am blessed in the health of my children. Yes, they are passing around a back-to-school cold but they do not have serious debilitating diseases and the health issues they do have are treatable.  If there are problems we have access to insurance and qualified medical people to care for us.

Best of all, we’re all still alive!

We are so lucky to have a home. It isn’t the fanciest/trendiest home in the neighborhood and it isn’t always perfectly clean, but we have a place to sleep, a place to keep our clothes, somewhere to store and cook food, toys, etc.  We have safety and stability. 

We have a wonderful church family that is always there for us since our families live across the country.

We have friends that would do anything for us.

The Lord is always with me and I can turn to him for comfort and guidance.

I have a good life. It’s easy sometimes to get overwhelmed, or look at the bad things in life, but really my life is wonderful, and I’m so very grateful.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Over at Compuserve we've had a thread of 'shelfies' going. It's been fun (if a little jealousy inducing) to see everyone's bookshelves. It's a great way to get to know virtual friends, make them feel less virtual and more actual. While I actually have 8 bookshelves in my house here's a look at two of them. 

Yes, I did cut out everything surround the shelf.  I didn't want you to be disturbed at the clutter or amazed (disturbed) by all our Star Wars memorabilia. Cause that's a whole other post.

So, post your own shelfie and put a link in the comments.  I'd love to see your shelves.