Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogging and Writing

Usually by the time I sit down to blog I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to say.  Today I didn't.  So I did a little internet surfing while trying to gather my thoughts.  Pretty soon I was stressing because I felt as if I was wasting my limited writing time.  (Though I did find some cool wall hangings for my son's room.)  I started to wonder how others do their blogging.  As you know I'm fairly new to this having only been here a couple months.  So, inquiring minds (me) want to know, how do you get blogging ideas?  And do you find it easier or harder to blog than write? 


  1. I find it easier to blog than 'write'. Because each post is a brand new idea, all shiny and full of possibilities, and only between 400 and 600 words long! it's perfect for an immediate adrenaline hit...

    Ah-h, but the writing.

    I write novels that only after they've passed their final edit are somewhere in the vicinity of 90,000 words. They involve multiple plots, and characters and sub-plots, and sub-characters, and world building (my genre is Science Fiction and Fantasy) and story arcs (I usually write in series of three)

    It also has its adrenaline high, but of a different sort, and for me, much harder to maintain focus and sustain.

  2. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Wondering if I'm standing in my own way by blogging when I should be writing. I would really miss the fellowship and inspiration I find from other writers if I quit the blogging world. For now I've decided to only blog when an idea comes and only then. Sometimes the posts are pretty simple, sometimes blah, but my writing needs to come first if I'm going to accomplish my goals.

  3. Widdershins I do agree that blogging is often easier. There's not as much pressure. But I definitely like writing more. I find I'm more fulfilled by doing it than blogging. Though blogging is important and fun.

  4. Ruth, I wondered that a lot before starting my blog, that it would make my limited time even shorter. To the contrary I have found that blogging is a good compliment to writing. I can work out problems with my WIP, hopefully help others with links or info as I've been helped by other blogs. Plus it gives my mind a moment to step back from the WIP but still be connected to writing.

    But when all is said and done you're right, writing comes first and the blog just has to be flexible.

  5. I get 'em from everywhere! Sometimes I just put up photos, sometimes I make lists (got a neat idea from Real Simple magazine just now), sometimes I pick up memes from others. The only thing I try to do is keep it related to writing, agenting, editing or what not. Though sometimes I worry that I'm rather vague. I mean, I'm not very helpful to others craftwise - I can't seem to write general guideline posts; I prefer doing copy edits one on one.

  6. While I could blog every day, I don't. Invariably when I blog, one idea will blossom into another, or I'll read something and it clicks in my brain. I'll jot it down in notepad for a later day.

    At this point I'm attempting to blog once a week.