Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Dreaming...

BookEnds did a post today about dream agents.  First, it's always good to have another reminder that what we say on the internet is permanent and going to be read by A LOT of people.  That's the idea of a blog, right?  Second, do people really post about dream agents?  That's a good idea, I'll post about mine now. 

My dream agent is one who loves my book as much as I do.  There.  Now it's permanent for all to see.  Like most of you I have/am studying agents.  I'm trying to find ones I think I can relate to, cover my genre, or are just misguided enough that I can trick them, I mean convince them to sign me. 

I understand how after reading an agent's blog for years it would be easy to believe I already have a connection with said agent. In reality I can't imagine choosing a dream agent without having at least one conversation with her.  One not on the internet.  Or imagined. I want to find someone who is passionate about my story and has a plan for marketing it.  Someone who is competent, knows what they are doing, and who believes in and trusts me, just like I would them.  Yep, that's my dream agent.  Of course before I can find them I have finish this revision and send out queries.  Be ready agents!  I'm coming for you.