Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One More Time

Have you ever posted an excerpt for review only to look at it later and see glaring mistakes?  What about giving a crit and you read it the next morning and realize the kind tone you wrote it with didn’t come across and you sound harsh and cruel?  

So much of a writer’s interaction is done long distance and tone can be hard to portray when you don’t have face or voice inflections.  Always, ALWAYS, take a break and re-read what you are going to send/post. 

Sometimes we get tired of going over the same scene again and again.  Our beautiful well written story becomes something we can’t stand the sight of.  You think you probably ought to go over it one more time but you can’t stand to look at it and hit post just to end the misery.  DON’T.  Go over it one more time.  It will save you in the end. 

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