Friday, April 20, 2012

Interview with Joanne

Today I’d like to introduce Joanne DeMaio.   


 She's an amazing author and blogger and is always so supportive and postive.  Her posts are fun and she always has beautiful pictures. She recently released her novel,  Whole Latte Life.

A contemporary women’s fiction in which she explores relationships between mothers and daughters, friends, and spouses. 

I love Sara Beth’s name.  It combines my name and my sister’s name so it already creates a positive connection with the character for me.  Are you the type of writer that searches for just the right name, or does the character name themselves then tell you what it is?
I’m definitely a writer who searches for the right name.  One of my goals in writing fiction is to keep the story very real, filled with possibilities and moments that could truly happen in the readers’ lives.  And so I look for names that we hear and say often, and that we connect to in a familiar way, say of a friend, or family member … The way you and your sister have already connected with Sara Beth!

There are a lot of references to art in the book, paintings, brushstrokes and such.  Have you studied art?  Does that affect your writing?
I did research aspects of art for the book, but have not studied Art.  Though I’ve always enjoyed looking at life through the perspective of the camera lens.  It’s a technique I use often, especially on my blog where each post is inspired by an everyday photograph I’ve taken.  I’ve brought that technique to my fiction by having Sara Beth also look at life moments through the lens of art, one of her passions.  It helps her to process and give deep meaning to her experiences.  I guess you could say there is a little bit of me in her character that way.

She really has lovely photos on her blog! 

How did you research for the novel?  Have you spent time in New York or did you do much of it online?
I do live 100 miles outside of Manhattan, and so I’ve visited there often.  My NYC setting comes from a combination of life experience and book/internet research, the research being for the trivia and factual elements of the story.  The other two story settings are inspired purely by life, and isn’t living our lives a form of research too? Addison is a reflection of the two towns I consider my hometowns, and Anchor Beach is inspired by Connecticut’s Point O’ Woods Beach, a gem of a place that has been a special part of each and every one of my summers.

Living is the best research.

Just For Fun … Do you have a favorite season?
Autumn.  I love the change to cooler temps after a hot summer.  There’s the anticipation of the holidays, and turning to the comforts of home during the cold months, and of course Cinnamon Dolce Lattes are an added bonus.

If you had three wishes, no strings attached (I’m not tricky like a genie), what would you wish for?
First, a personal chef.  Cooking is one of my least favorite things to do.  If someone else could cook all the meals, I’d be forever grateful!
Second, I’m wishing for you and your new daughter to have a lifetime of beautiful moments together.
Third … I’m giving away my last wish, to all your readers.  I hope they’ll share their wishes in the comments.

That’s so sweet of you, thank you!

Thanks so much for hosting me today, Sara … It’s been a latte fun!

Thanks Joanne for this great interview. 

You can find her book here and if you want to know more about her or her book her website is here.   

I’m excited to know what your wishes are so go ahead and leave them in the comments!   


  1. Great interview! I've got to check out that book; I'm in love with the cover already.

  2. What a gorgeous cover! And great interview.

  3. It's a great book. I really enjoyed it.

    1. It is. I enjoyed it to. I was very happy she agreed to this interview.

  4. Thanks for the interview! That looks like one tasty beverage on the cover.

  5. I wish for my book to be published with rave reviews like Joanne's b
    ook. Oops! Wait. I have to write it first. So a more reasonable wish would be - I wish to write my book.

    1. Great wishes! I think a few of us might be wishing for the same thing. I hope your wish comes true.

  6. That was a sweet interview! It was good to meet you, Joanne, and thanks for hosting her, Sara. :)

  7. Another great interview, Sara. :)

    Oh, yeah, my wish. I wish for some good news from an agent...soon. :)

  8. Thanks for hosting me, Sara! It's nice to meet some of your readers and to hear some wishes. Coffee cheers to all, and have a lovely week.

  9. Great interview!

    Hmm... Wishes come with so many possibilities. It totally kicks my defeated perfectionism into high gear. I'll go ahead and second Joanne's wish for a personal chef, though!

    1. A personal chef would be cool, though I really don't mind cooking. It's the tripping over toddlers and toys while I'm cooking, having things burn because I'm putting someone in time out or applying a band-aid to the latest wound. So maybe a babysitter for while I'm cooking would be good.