Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Books Bring Happiness

Really, they do.  There was one semester in college where I was pretty overwhelmed.  I had a heavy class load, lots of homework, some outside commitments and a little bit of Roommate Drama.  Nearing the end of the semester I had to face the fact that I had become bitter, angry and frustrated.  One weekend, sick of myself and not caring whether or not I failed, I pulled out a novel and began to read. 

After a couple hours I felt pleasantly rejuvenated.  Even better, I felt almost happy again.  That was when I realized that overcome with everything going on I had stopped reading.  Seeing firsthand the difference it made in myself I vowed never to completely stop reading again.  There have been times when I only manage a sentence or two a day but I still do it.  It’s part of my well being, like eating healthy and exercising.  Well, I do exercise (cause I can listen to books on tape) and I mostly eat healthy…..

I know some writers who stop reading when they’re working on a novel.  I know some that won’t read in their genre/time period, and some that will only read in their genre/time period.  Everyone has a system that works for them, that helps them be their best.  Mine is to keep a book within arm reach so if everyone is fed and clean and occupied and no one needs me for five seconds that five seconds can be spent reading.  Trust me; we’re all happy I do. 


  1. You'll get my book only when you pry it from my cold, dead hand. (With apologies to the NRA and the late Charlton Heston. ; )

    I'm with you, Sara. Reading is life. I read everyday even if I don't feel like doing anything else, but breathing.

  2. Hey Spesh,

    I have a book always ready, too. The thing is that I know people who can´t read for only a minute or so during a short pause. Many people say, that there need more to time to "get into the reading" to enjoy it. I´m happy that I don´t need time to get into the reading.


  3. Zan Marie, what do you mean? Reading IS breathing.

  4. Sarah, thanks for commenting! I'm glad you can drop into reading fast. I think I developed that skill because without it I wouldn't have time to read.

  5. If wouldn´t have time to read much lately, if I couldn´t drop into reading fast, too. So, I´m very glad, that I can it .

  6. I completely agree with you. Books do bring happiness. I recall an article, (well, I don't remember WHERE I read it, I only remember what it said) that women who read books, any genre at all, are much happier, have a better outlook and are more relaxed than those who don't read.
    I stash books like alcoholics stash vodka.

  7. My book buying habit has come up with my hubby. He's not so much opposed to my buying books as he is to the fact that I keep bringing them home even though I have NO WHERE to put them. He recently bought me a netbook and put a kindle app on it. Very dangerous financially but I think he did it in self defense so he wasn't smothered if a stack of books fell on him at night.

  8. Hear hear! I can't *not* read.
    And DH has the same problem with me - he keeps saying we have no space and I keep saying things like "well, I had to buy this one, it's by a friend on the Forum!"