Friday, October 21, 2011

More Than You Wanted To Know

So I had a few other posts planned but I found exact replicas of them on other blogs.  Stop reading my mind!  So instead you get Friday Filler. 

I have a ghost baby at my house.  I often hear a baby crying.  I’ve been hearing this since we first moved in (we’re the first owners) long before we ever had kids.  The only think I can think of is it’s a ghost baby in our attic. 

Ghost babies remind me of a picture book I loved as a child.  Gus and the Baby Ghost.  I was lucky enough to find this book at our library book sale last year for fifty cents.  SCORE!

I really like how this draft of my manuscript is turning out, but I feel as if I’m in the center of a spider web.  Move too much, and it will all stick together and get clumpy or disintegrate entirely. 

Halloween is almost here and I’ll be doing my first ever contest!  You don’t want to miss it. 

Deniz gave me the 7x7 link award. In which I’m supposed to link to my most beautiful, helpful, popular, controversial, successful, underrated and prideworthy posts.  Since I’ve only been doing this <counts on fingers> eight months (wow has it been that long?) I’m still figuring this blogging thing out.  Yea, I’m a slow learner.  So I don’t have a clue what I would put in any of those categories.  I’m then supposed to link to seven more blogs to pass it on.  If you want the award it’s yours and I hope you do.  I’d love to be able to link to everyone’s best posts. 

There’s the ghost baby again!  Oh, wait, that one’s mine.  Gotta go….


  1. I'm serious. I hear it all the time. Maybe it's some sort of hearing disorder. No, it's more fun to have a ghost baby.

  2. Okay - ghost baby story is freaking me out! Ah! I'm such a wimp. Cute that it reminds you of a book though and even better that you found the book at a good deal. Bummer that everyone is reading your mind! haha. I have that happen all of the time. Still loved this post! Have a great weekend.

  3. I think my mind is just very generic.

  4. This time of the year the boundaries between the worlds are rather thin. Maybe you could suggest to ghost baby that it would be a good time to head off to another plane of existence.

  5. Widdershins, Honestly I would be sad to see the end of ghost baby.

  6. Deniz, I'm sure it would thank you.

  7. Oh! I loved Gus and the Baby Ghost! I still have my original book from childhood :)

  8. Yay, I love finding people who knew the same books I did growing up.