Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I didn’t realize how much my son had grown up until we got our little girl.  Now I remember what it was like with him at that age.  And I remember I didn’t like it.  Two is so much better than 18 months.  As he grew, the frustrating things just melted away.  We forgot they were ever there and only remembered the good parts. 

I wonder if it’s like that with novels.  This is not my first novel, but it’s my First Novel.  The first one I’ve worked this hard on, the first one I’m going to try to publish.  I wonder if, when I write my next one, I’ll look back and say “yea, it was like that with the other one, I’d forgotten how hard this part of the writing process is”.  Do we forget the frustrating parts and only remember the good times?  I hope so. 

I just need to make sure there are good times to remember.  

What do you remember?


  1. Sara,
    I remember struggling with my first novel. I learned the craft the hard way even though I read all the books on writing, chatted in forum, conferences, classes, and all the other things I was supposed to do to learn.

    It's kind of like childbirth, you remember the pregnancy. Your first you learn all there is and then experience it. With your second, you know all about it, but still it hurts but you do so willingly. Does that make sense?


  2. Sara,
    I don't have children to compare it to, but I think you're probably right. I long for the day when I can look back fondly (or not; ) and say, It's so much easier now that I know how.

    Though, to be honest, I wonder if I'll ever finish the first one. ; )

  3. Nope.
    For me, each time I start a new story, I'm well aware of all the work that it's going to take. All the editing, and reading, and combing over . . .
    Half of me is exhausted with that thought, and the other half of me can't wait to get the new story down.

    But that's me.

    Maybe you'll forget :D

  4. Gee, it's been so long since I published my first book!!! LOL

    ... Oi-vey the rewrites!!! Never-ending. Just when I'd tightened one bit up here, it needed re-raveling over there, and un-ravelling back behind me.

    One thing I lost though, was my fear that I'd never get it right!

  5. J.L.Murphey, Yep, that makes sense, thanks for commenting.

  6. Zan Marie, I think we all wonder that sometimes. You're getting closer though!

  7. Jolene, good to know. That may be better though. That way we know what we're getting into and and won't be surprised.

  8. widdershins, Lol. Loosing the fear. That would be fabulous.