Friday, June 24, 2011

We Are On Our Way

The car is packed, the house is clean (mostly), and we have enough food to last us until August.  Today is the day we leave on vacation.  I’m so looking forward to it and not only because I desperately need a break from the love hate relationship I currently have with my Novel. 

I do have a new idea (new book) I’m looking forward to exploring while I’m gone, though I feel terribly guilty about it.  As if I was cheating on my spouse or had a separate, secret set of children.  Do others feel this way? 

Anyway, I will be around but my blogging may be a little sporadic and I may not meet my usual mon-wed-fri commitment. See you around and have a great weekend.  Now it’s time to see if all the planning will work and keep a two year old occupied and happy on a three day car ride. 


  1. Sara,
    I was counting the total number of WIPs I have and it's 10. Yep, I have 10 items I could write, but I'm concentrating on two or three right now. It's normal and it might get you going on the old one again, too. Enjoy the vacation. ; )

  2. Invest in gummi bears. They kept us sane on road trips when the kiddos were little. Have a great trip!

  3. You ... optimist you. Safe trip. Enjoy the view.