Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time will Tell

They say time will tell.  Tell what?  Or better yet, tell whom?  There is no one left that is not under the influence of time.  I don’t have time.  There’s no time.  I have to make time.   Time runs our lives, circling us, pushing, pulling, herding us like sheep. 

I can’t see, touch or taste it, how does it control me so completely?  Ambiguous and elusive, there nothing to fight.  But I won’t give in.  I refuse to bow down to time.    I am breaking free from the constraints laid on me by something I can't see or touch or know.  I am taking time into my own hands. 

Later, it’s time to make dinner.


  1. (smile) You've called it correctly. Time waits for no man (or woman) as they say.

  2. Tempus fugit or Latin for Time flies.

    You wouldn't know I as a Latin teacher, would you? ; )

  3. I wonder if we could substitute another word for 'time'? Perhaps, um, er, 'Jean'? ... Jean is of the essence? A stitch in Jean saves nine? H.G.Wells' 'The Jean Machine'?

  4. Love it! Time is also precious:)

  5. Very true and something I forget sometimes. I get so caught up in getting things done I forget to treasure time.