Friday, June 10, 2011


Just a quickie to put up some links to interesting posts I read this week. 

Nathan Bransford had a great post on crafting a mystery.  He says that all books have a mystery- what will happen next.  This is a great post to help work the element of suspense into your WIP so readers can't put it down.

Rachelle Gardner had an excellent post on the overuse of exclamation points and italics in writing.  Read, then go check your manuscript.  I bet you'll be surprised. 


  1. Thanks for the Rachelle Gardner link. She looks like a possible agent for "Friendly Fire."

  2. Definitely put her on the list.

  3. I missed that post by N.B. I'll check it out because I could really use some help in that department. And I don't think I use too many !!! or italics. I probably use too many hyphens though.

  4. I liked the word math in N.B.'s post. It broke it down into something easy to see. I can't wait to apply it to my novel to make sure my 'mystery' is as strong as it can be.