Monday, May 2, 2011

Writing Ripples

Over the weekend The Engineer and I were asked to speak at our local Families Supporting Adoption conference at the end of May.  It's a small, casual thing, probably no more than 20-25 people there. (of course everyone who wants to learn about or support adoption is invited.  It's in Atlanta on the 21st of May) This used to be the sort of thing that would make me panic and vomit copiously. 

No, I'm not exaggerating. 

I used to be terrified of interacting with people, let alone people I didn't know.  Before I started participating at Compuserve Books and Writers website I lurked for a good nine months, maybe longer, trying to get a feel for the people and the place.  Even now two years later I still sometimes get nervous posting there and on blogs. Speaking in front of REAL people was not something I was capable of and when I had to it usually didn't turn out well.  But now I'm finding myself excited. I still plan on letting The Engineer do most of the talking but I've had some coherent and organized thoughts and I want to do this.  Crazy huh?

This is just one of the ways my writing journey has helped me out in the non-writing part of my life.  Not only has the internet interaction made me better at social situations, learning the craft of writing has helped me to be able to organize and prepare presentations, talks, lessons etc.  Writing helps me clear my thoughts so I don't stress or obsess.  Too much anyway.  It also helps me clarify who I am, which gives me greater confidence.

Has your writing journey benefited you in unexpected non-writing ways?


  1. That's exciting Spesh! Public speaking still terrifies me, so my writing related world hasn't had any affect on that. But I definitely love being part of the Compuserver Community, and am so glad to have met all the wonderful people on there.

  2. Thanks, it's a very casual thing which is probably the only reason I'm not terrified.