Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review, Divergent

This book is getting a lot of hype. Normally I would tell people to form their own expectations and not go in with too high of hopes but this was an excellent book. It debuted at number six on the New York Times Bestseller list.  

Tris is just sixteen and facing the decision that will rule the rest of her life.  Which faction to choose, Abnegation (selflessness), Amity (peacefulness), Candor (truthfulness), Erudite (intelligence), or Dauntless (bravery).  Once she chooses she must devote her life to that faction.  Her choice surprises herself and her family.  The only problem is that she's Divergent, and other people don’t like that.  In fact they will kill to keep any divergent from threatening their lives. 

This book is a little on the violent side, maybe about the same level as Hunger Games.  Don’t get thrown off by the opening.  It starts with her looking in a mirror, but it’s not in an “I saw green eyes and hair just a shade to dark to be blond” type way.  She only gets to look in the mirror once every three months when her mother cuts her hair.  The author uses this to brilliantly start setting up the world in which they live and introduce us to her family's ideals.  The author does an excellent job to keep the world grounded in enough things that are comfortable to us (you’ll all be happy to know there are still hamburgers and chocolate cake) and yet show us exactly how different life could be. 


  1. Man, there are so many books coming out or out already that I want to read. This is one of them. I wish I had more time!

  2. I know! More time and more money. Our library isn't very good. Even the inter-library loans are limited and I've missed a lot of great books.

  3. My library has it on order ... looking forward to reading it ... thanks for the heads-up.

  4. I hope you enjoy it. My review doesn't do it justice.