Monday, September 21, 2015


I owe my mom an apology.

Yes, there are so many things I need to apologize for.  Sorry, mom.

But in this instance, I need to apologize for reading.

I realize this because now I'm that mom. The one who tries to get their kids to stop reading, put down the book and become a functioning member of society. Granted, society is overrated, but they do need to know how to function enough to stay alive, fed and dressed.

I remember quite a bit of my youth was spent finding ways to read. I would ditch chores, leaving them half done, or done poorly just so I could open up that book again. I held my book open on my lap during dinner so I could read between bites. For some reason my parent's didn't like that. I remember leaving my siblings working hard (sorry guys) while I sneaked upstairs or hid in a corner, just so I could read. Books were a comfort, a promise that no matter how much life changed and demanded, the book would always be there, waiting, a friend. I remember that nothing else seemed as important as what came next in a novel.

I remember because just the other night I stayed up way too late to finish Barbara Rogan's HINDSIGHT. 

So, now, when mini-engineer says he can't pass a certain book without dropping everything to read it, when he says he can't get ready for school until he's finished a book, I smile.  I remember.  My heart glows because I've taught him to love reading and books. Then I tell him to put it down, that the book will be here waiting for him when school is over, and for the love of the written word, please put on some clothes.

What have you ignored, put off or ruined, just so you could read?


  1. I should probably apologize to my mom too for that. I read all the time as a kid and probably hid in my room or somewhere when I should have been helping her.

    1. Well, if your mom was a reader too then she understands.

  2. At least you weren't reading books on how to be a serial killer. Now if you consider that, then no need for apologies!! I definitely zone out when I read. So maybe...just maybe I ignored a few things said to me.

  3. I have to read.

    Seriously, it's a drug... but I don't inhale (except with my eyes, so that's ok :)

    It's fun to see my boys picking up books, and now the older is even trying to read to his younger two brothers... which is sooo cute ;)

    And ANYTHING to keep them off anything that is connected to a plug (or comes with batteries) and makes sounds...

    #HeyTabletYouLose :)

    1. So true, and it is a drug. I think I need a fix...

  4. Judy Blume's Summer Sisters woke me up in the middle of the night, and I had to finish it by flashlight. Love finding an awesome book!!

  5. LOL! My daughter frequently stays up until midnight to read. Kills me. She's a mess the next day. Still, I do remember staying up late and shutting myself in the closet with a dim light to keep from disturbing my sisters. I think my eyes are paying for that one.

  6. I once asked my mum why they couldn't build a book holder so I could read while washing the dishes. She was the one who said they should invent a cordless iron, so I figured she could come up with a holder. She didn't. She gave me one of her famous looks instead.

  7. Ooh, I hear you, it's hard to put down Barbara Rogan's books!

    But yea, I definitely ignore everything when certain books come out. I remember cooking one-handed, with The Deathly Hallows in the other hand. I remember getting car sick cos I was hunched over reading An Echo in the Bone on a vacation trip. I'd pause, look out the window for a few minutes, then dive back in. I remember staying up too late last winter with the latest Louise Penny, and falling asleep while I tried to care for baby next day. I remember so many times devouring books and then feeling like I'd read them too fast -- so I'd go back for a reread. I remember...

  8. Now that is a great love for books.

    I guess you could say I put off my personal safety to read a book. Someone got on my case for reading while walking to school, forgetting to look when crossing the street. :)

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