Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Computer curse

I'm trying to get to everyone's blog but as I'm still under the computer curse it will be difficult. I'll be around as soon as everything settles down.

I got locked out of blogger. For no reason I could find. It just wouldn’t let me log on. Still won’t in my normal browser, even after clearing caches and passwords. I have to log on in explorer. Also, I mysteriously lost two days of work. Fortunately, it was only two days but it’s very hard to understand why I lost it when I save it Every. Single. Time. I use it. And why only two days? I didn’t lose the documents. One of them was saved on my computer; one on dropbox but each has the same problem. I’m perplexed. I have to put it down to the curse.

Yes, really I’m cursed.

Electronic devices hate me. They toy with me. My computer teases me, taunts me, and does crazy things. When I try to describe what happens to The Engineer, he says it’s impossible, that a computer can’t do that, that he doesn’t know what is happening  and am I sure I wasn’t asleep at the computer again? Of course when he sits down and looks at it, it works fine. Usually he doesn’t even have to look at it. Just his walking into the room makes whatever electronics I’m having problems with work fine.

Maybe my computer is a cat, one of those cats that is a perfect snuggly angel for one person but a conniving, creepy, stalker cat for others. 

It’s not just my computer though, tablets, phones, my car. You name it I break it. Just by being around it. It’s not a comfortable curse to live with.
Do you have a curse? Or maybe we should call it an amazing talent. That sounds a lot better than curse.


  1. I am so sorry dear. That is a curse you inherited from your mother! And your father has the same abilities as the engineer! Thank goodness.

  2. Spesh,

    I have a love hate relationship with my computer. It always reminds me of that nursery rhyme "When she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad, she was awful."

  3. Yikes, Sara! I'm a bit cursed by tech too. Though not lately. Knock on wood. ;-)

  4. Hahaha...I'm breaking everything around me!

  5. I believe your "cat" theory is sound. However, as one who has studied and built digital devices since the 1960s, I must also agree with the notion that machines carry selective curses. There IS substance to problems outside the machine as well. I once corrected a keyboard that my son had trouble with by placing a small pillow in front of it so the base of his thumb wouldn't keep accidentally hitting the spacer bar. All possibilities must be considered in technological progress.

  6. I don't have the curse but I have seen it in action! As soon as you invite someone over to look at a problem, the problem disappears. Computers are very idiosyncratic that way :-)

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