Monday, December 19, 2011


The Engineer and I have been working on our basement for years.  We’re doing most of the work ourselves so it’s taken awhile.  We’re getting close though and this weekend we started installing the cabinets.  They are from a wholesale type place up in Atlanta and therefore were very inexpensive (but oh so pretty) but we did have to assemble them ourselves.  When we pulled out the single sided, single sheet of paper I had to laugh.  The first sentence (which was coincidentally the whole first step):

Aims at on the side panel on fastener and the back panel fastener inserts afterwards, and then fasten them using screwdriver to turn camlock 180 degree clockwise.


Step six consisted of only three words. 

Assembly the drawer.

It’s my new favorite sentence.  There was nothing about the different sizes of screws, the many pieces involved in the drawers, the hardware that needs to be inserted into the cabinet to make it open and close.  No we just have to assembly it. 

Fortunately The Engineer is good at building and figuring things out.  I mean, he did just build our basement; a little cabinet won’t stop him. 

I had to wonder though how much they paid the person who wrote this and how I could get that job. 


  1. There are so many things I read like this. I just think a little extra money for an editor would do amazing things for their businesses.

  2. Those sorts of things are usually very poor translations from the language of whatever country the stuff is made in.

  3. LOLLOL! My hubby, the handyman, and I are very good at putting things together, too, but cabinet instructions are patently useless. I remember the onesided, one sheet instructions. You've given me my grin for the day, Sara. ; )

  4. Widdershins, I was pretty sure that whoever wrote it had English as a second (or third/fourth) language. Now, my foreign language skills aren't even that good so I'm not making fun of them. But the instructions themselves were hilarious.

  5. Too funny. Stuff like that makes me crazy!

  6. I would have been crazy if I were putting it together. As it was it turned out OK. We were able to laugh.