Friday, December 16, 2011


Life has been crazy the last two weeks.  My kids have been sick.  Lots of coughing, vomiting, coughing, nebulizer treatments, doctor's visits, you get the picture.  My son is so funny though.  He LOVES the doctor. I think it has something to do with the suckers at the end of the visit. When I took him in he yelled out the window to everyone we passed "Bye!  I going to the doctors!" 

Because of that I am behind on everything.  I haven't even mailed my parent's Christmas presents yet.  Shhhhh, don't tell them.  So I'm forgoing a regular post and getting to work on revisions. 

If you all have any questions (Or ideas, thoughts, money, whatever) for me leave them in the comments I'll be happy to answer them.  Otherwise have a happy weekend!


  1. We have, SO FAR, all been healthy this year.

    I think most years we do really good until January, and then we're fighting it until spring.

    Good luck!!

  2. Congrats on being healthy! I hope it continues for you.

  3. We've been pretty healthy this year as well. But they always seem to get bugs after Christmas.

    Hopefully things settle down for you a bit! Sick kids are no fun!

  4. I've had my autumn head-cold and don't want to see another one until at least this time next year!

    ... I can empathise ... drink lots of water!

  5. Good luck on revisions! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  6. Chantele, glad you're all healthy too. Antibiotics are kicking in so we're improving.

  7. Widdershins, I wish the kids got colds that infrequently. It's been a monthly thing since September.

  8. Thanks Deniz. Revisions are moving forward. Slowly, but still moving.