Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We have a winner!  Congratulations Deniz!  You win the $20 gift card.  

Honorable mention to Widdershins who guessed the author right.  You win a $10 gift card.  
If both of you would email ( me and let me know if you prefer Amazon or Barnes and Noble that would be great. 

My kids are dressed up as Nac Mac Feegle, or Wee Free Men.  At least as close as I could make them in a reasonable budget.  They already had the kilts.  If you haven’t read the Wee Free Men series I SERIOUSLY advise it. Especially if you like parodies of life, dry British humor or amazing talent with words.  Go.  Read. 

Wee Free Men
A Hat Full of Sky
The Wintersmith
I Shall Wear Midnight

I read the first and last book but listened to the middle ones on audio book.  I drove off the road twice I was laughing so hard and had to stop listening in the car.  Seriously, I was crying.   

Thanks everyone for playing along with my first contest. 


  1. I have NOT read that series! Apparently I need to. Congrats to the winners!

  2. Squee! How exciting!
    Give this "parodies of life, dry British humor or amazing talent with words" I don't understand how I could have not read these books?? Has my head been under a rock?

  3. Good Heavens!!! Honourable mention! How wonderful!
    I must dig Sir Terry out from that closet I buried him in ages ago ... I haven't read those books though.

    Big congrats to Deniz!!!

  4. Deniz, Well,you read a lot of other books. Of course if you take time to read Terry Pratchett my wallet will take a break from all the books you recommend

  5. Widdershings, I guess he's not everyone's cup of chocolate. The wee free men series are YA books if that makes a difference.

  6. For anyone interested I do advice listening to them on audiobook. The reader is Very Good at the Scottish accent and brings the characters to life. Just don't do it in the car...

  7. I gave you an award on my blog today! Come by and grab it when you get time :)