Monday, November 14, 2011


I was intrigued when reading a post over at A Day in the Life of Me where she describes her typical writing day.  It made me laugh and I wanted to post my typical writing day.  Maybe some of you can empathize here. 

2:30am            Two year old gets up.
430am              Two year old gets up and wants breakfast
5:45                 Alarm goes off, hubby gets up.
6:00                 I get up.
6:30                 In theory this is my exercise time but usually two year old gets up and I plop him in front of the TV in an effort to keep him quiet and not wake up 18 month old.  Which means not much exercise but some blogging and emails. 
7:30                 18 month old wakes up, we all eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth.
8:30                 3 days a week 2 year old we babysit arrives.  Other two days a week we go on walks in the stroller, go to the store or play monster, puppy, kitty, airplane, or blocks.
9:30                 Snacks.  Clean up snacks, sweep floor, mop up applesauce.
9:45                 Change diapers
10:00               Play, read books, go outside, do laundry, wash dishes,  etc.
11:00               say “no, it’s not lunch time yet” fifty thousand times. 
11:15               Change diapers
11:30               Give in and feed them lunch.
12:00               clean up lunch, sweep, mop up peanut butter, do more dishes.
12:20               Change diapers
12:30               Nap time.  Post blog, tell two year old to get back in bed, tell 18 month old to stop playing in crib.  Repeat.  Finally pull out manuscript and try to get something done.
2:00                 Wake up! If I’m lucky they’ll play toys or watch tv while I visit blogs, do finances or make phone calls.
3:00                 snack, clean up snack, sweep.  Think about mopping but I’ll just have to do it after dinner so why bother.
3:30                 Change diapers.  Read books. Play monster, puppy, kitty, airplane, fold laundry, and maybe do my hair.
5:00                 2 year old we babysit leaves.  Start dinner.  Tell children it’s not done and the stove is hot, don’t touch.  No you can’t climb in the dishwasher.  Don’t hit, don’t bite, Give her back her toy.  Don’t throw trains through the window. 
5:30                 Kids eat.
6:00                 Hubby home. Start crying with joy.  Eat. 
6:30                 turn on TV and collapse on beanbag. 
7:30                 Snack.  Sweep. Tell the mop I don’t think so and lock it in the other room so it will stop mocking me.  Brush teeth, pajamas, change diapers.
8:00                 Bed time.  Halleluiah chorus.  Write.
9:00                 fall asleep at computer until Hubby says “hey, aren’t you supposed to be working.”  Turn off computer go to bed and watch TV since I just took a nap and can’t fall asleep. 

What is your typical writing day?  If you post one on your blog leave a comment here so we can come enjoy!


  1. hahaha! It will get better, especially once the diapers are out of the picture. However, having two that close in age myself, the bickering and fighting over toys doesn't stop.

    p.s. thanks for linking me *g*

  2. Thanks Aven, can't wait for the no diaper stage. We're working on that with 2 year old but he's stubborn.

  3. I'm always so impressed by parents of young kids! This schedule seems absolutely draining! :P

  4. They make it worth the work. Whenever they look at you and smile or give you a hug and a kiss you know there's no better place to be. Even writing.

  5. I PROMISE it gets so much easier.

    Ack. I'm SO glad my kids are the ages they are. 8 and 5. Next year my son will be in KINDERGARTEN.
    My writing days will look like this.

    scramble to get gets out of house.
    Check email
    scramble to pick up kids.


    something with family, homework, clothes and lunches for the next day.
    more writing :D

  6. Thanks Jolene. It is crazy and frustrating some days but I'm trying to enjoy them at this age. I know it will be over soon and they can be so sweet.

    That day sounds great, but I bet you'll miss them.

  7. Ha ha! I keep thinking, what's the big deal, when I have kids, I'll write while they sleep. Then I hear from real moms...
    Love your hate-hate relationship with the mop. Going to post my schedule tomorrow morning!

  8. Potty training can be so frustrating. I waxed and waned with my kids. I'd really encourage them and they would adamantly refuse...wait a few weeks...more encouragement. Then one day something clicked. For my middle son, he started peeing in the garden. That was fine until it got cold out, but by then he was over the anxiety and newness of being without diapers. For my daughter, it just had to be on her own terms. After months of "training" (which was mostly me appealing to her inner-princess "you know Belle/Cinderella/Aurora pee-pees in the potty") she went all by herself one day while I was exercising in the den.
    And yes, the frustration is worth it in spades. They are amazing creatures. Enjoy having them at home with you...before they figure out sarcasm and attitude *g*