Friday, August 12, 2011

Worth the Wait

I went to a consignment sale this morning.  And part of this afternoon.  It wouldn’t end.  Actually what wouldn’t end was the line.  TWO HOURS in a checkout line.    By the time we could see the whole of the line and knew how long it was we’d already been waiting so long we didn’t want to give up.  We’re stubborn like that.  If we had known the line was that long in the beginning we would have dumped our junk.  There wasn’t anything that was worth it, though there were some fun things my friends and I had picked up.  

Unlike our checkout line publishing is worth the journey.  I can see that it’s a long line to reach the front; Writing, rewriting, editing, beta readers, more editing, querying, waiting, waiting, waiting, and then maybe having to do the whole thing over with another book.   Unlike my time in the seven circles of checkout line (yea, two toddlers and two hours) I knew what I was getting in for.  With the publishing process I’m learning and growing.  Each step can be fun and instructional.  And it’s my choice. 


  1. Two hours AND toddlers! Phew...

    As writers, we seem to be a glutton for punishment, but yes - it's our choice and we wouldn't want it any other way.

  2. Wow! I'd have stuck it out too, probably, but DH would have had us out of there in 15 minutes!
    No wonder he keeps asking if my novel's finished yet...

  3. Ruth, No we wouldn't. In fact we're crazy enough to enjoy it.