Monday, August 15, 2011

Jet Setting

I love flying, but it’s not something I get to do a whole lot of.  I love starting the day in one place and ending up somewhere different.  I love watching people at the airport and having to sit in those uncomfortable chairs while you wait.  I even love the exhausted jet lag feeling you get after.  Maybe I love all these things because they’re different.  Different than what I do all day long which is take care of toddlers, change diapers, and clean up messes. 

Oddly enough the things I love about flying are also what I love about writing.  I love starting in one place and ending up somewhere completely different.  I’m a pantster.  I love getting to explore characters and do something or go somewhere different each day.  Writing is my mini-vacation.


  1. I hate flying... I think about vibration, cyclic fatigue, shear stress, and the moral calculus of the people aboard my metal can... But I do like the idea of traveling and getting place with writing, though sometimes I find myself in that triangle of Bermuda.

  2. Just fly me somewhere like Jamaica or Paris. Forget being stuck in Newark for 8 hours after a flight from England. I love to fly when all goes right. ; )

  3. I'm a train or ferry gal. For the same reasons.

    I've been on a plane precisely three times and the last was an eighteen hour torturous marathon from Sydney (Australia) to Vancouver (Canada) with a midnight refueling stopover in Hawaii - talk about your twilight zone - but that's another story - and I fear that I'm not enamoured of it as a means to travel.

    Think the Orient Express a la Agatha Christie.

  4. Bane, I too am familiar with that infamous triangle. May your visitis there be short ones.

  5. Zan, I too have had some bad flights but over all I love the adventure.

  6. Widdershins, those are some crazy flights. You should try a short little hop. Though trains and ferries are excellent ways to travel.