Monday, March 28, 2011

Soap Bubble Sanity

I’m going slowly insane.  Which I have decided is much less fun than getting there quickly.  Crazy people never know they’re crazy right?  If I had already completed the transformation I would be in my own little happy place.  Instead I’m watching my sanity slowly melt away like soap bubbles.  The harder I try to hold onto it the quicker it slides through my fingers.  

The non-writing part of my life has stepped up in a big way.  Ha! It stepped up, punched me in the nose, knocked me down and tied me up with duct-tape.  Now it’s holding me hostage.  I think it wants chocolate doughnuts.  Or possibly royal blue costume satin. (Don’t ask, you really don’t want to know)  Anyway, I’m ashamed to admit how little writing I’m getting done.  Part of the problem is when I do sit down at the computer I’m too drained physically and emotionally to be able to get anything onto paper except  “alds;jkgadlkfd’glj”  as I fall asleep on the keys.  

The cool thing is, when the stars align and I have time and energy I actually get a lot done.  I know my time is short so I focus, not allowing myself to get distracted.  Isn’t it odd?  I have less time so I get more done.  It’s not pressure because I usually choke under pressure.  But when I’m busy I’m more organized and that makes a difference.  

 Anyone have systems or tricks that help you write better when the whole world is conspiring against writing time?


  1. Of course I'm going to ask!...

    ... If the whole world is conspiring, I take time to listen to what it's REALLY trying to tell me, then everything seems to clear away and I can write again.

  2. Excellent advice. Sometimes I spend more time resisting (I'm contrary like that) than it would take if I just listened, learned and dealt with it.

    As to the fabric...I'm sure it will make a great story someday but I don't have an ending yet. Also I suspect there will be some PTSD to deal with.