Thursday, July 20, 2017


I've got a couple links for you. 

First on the list: 10 writing rules you can (and should) break. Okay, so some of the things he's listed as a 'rule' I'd never heard of before. While I can see the wisdom in them I'm all in favor of breaking them judiciously. Are there any you've never heard of?

Next: Ways to declutter your writing. I thought this had some great suggestions of things to watch out for.

Hope you enjoy them.


  1. The best rule ever I have found is to write everyday, for at least an hour. Writing is like exercising.

    1. I agree it's like exercise. I can't write everyday. Young kids and all. But I do make it a priority and do it as much as I can.

  2. For the article on rules to break, I especially agree with the one that knocks on the rule that characters need to be likable. I have stuck by many stories with characters I don't necessarily like but I am still intrigued by them nonetheless.

  3. Why can't you write about music?
    On show don't tell, though, I'd say that unless you *are* a writer from the 19th Century, or Somerset Maugham or someone, you'd better not be telling too often [g]

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