Wednesday, February 10, 2016


If there's one thing that life has taught me, it's to wait. Life is full of waiting. It's an important skill. It's not always easy, but there are times when it's necessary. 

Do you know that moment, when you've finished your story, sent it out into the world, and now you're back at the beginning, staring at a blank screen, wondering if you'll ever have another idea again? I hear this is common to writers.

Last time I queried I had this fear. I toyed around with several ideas, but none of them grabbed me, none of them had electricity. Each day I told myself I just had to focus, to work harder, and each day the panic increased. What if I never had another good idea, what if I couldn't ever finish another novel? Until one day a character walked up and told me her story.

Now that I'm querying again I've noticed the same fear, the same feelings of being lost. I wonder if I'll ever have another good idea, or if I have what it takes to finish another book. I'm a few years older now and hopefully a few years wiser, too. My fears were unfounded last time, I have to believe they will be this time too. 

So I wait.

I toy around with ideas, explore settings and themes, and spend a lot of time reading. And I believe that, eventually, someone will introduce themselves and ask to tell their story. 


  1. It's the hurry, hurry, wait game, and nothing makes it better. I hope you have some excellent cheese to tide you over, and a few lovely reads.

  2. The waiting game is probably the least fun game that anyone has to play. Important, but arguably awful. Hopefully you have some good books to tide you over.

  3. Waiting patiently is one of my skills. I never realized being laid back could be so helpful! Though I do hit refresh on my email a lot. LOL

  4. Congrats on finishing another project and good luck with your queries! I think it's important to recharge the creative well, and I'm sure after you've decompressed from the current project, you'll have no shortage of ideas clamoring for your attention!

  5. And, we enter this game of writing willingly. A little crazy, isn't it? :0)

  6. Oh the wait! I'm just starting this and I'm pitching my story next Saturday to two agents. On we go...waiting.

  7. I'm back at it. Not happy to be here, but the book can't find a publisher on its own. Keep me posted, Sara. I'm sure I'll need some inspiring news. Soon.

    1. Hope I have some inspiring news at some point.

  8. My money's on you... so to speak. I'm sure more characters will be tapping you on the shoulder any day now, if they haven't already. Hurry up and wait is a writer's way of life. (And you're choosing it!) Good luck.

  9. I had this for a few years, some years ago, and it was awful. Now I have a lot of projects that need editing, so I'm not worried yet. I hope I never have to face that emptiness again...