Monday, June 1, 2015

Gave me the world

One of my favorite movies is While You Were Sleeping. It came out my sophomore year of college and my room mates and watched it several times in the theaters. Maybe I shouldn't admit that. If you're familiar with the movie you may remember the beginning, when she's talking about her father giving her mother the world in the form of a globe. Then it ends with Jack, giving Lucy the world in the form of a stamp on her passport. This is a great example of coming full circle and seeing the end from the beginning but that's a whole other craft post.

Two weeks ago our house was packed up and we drove across the country. We got to our teeny, tiny, apartment a week ago. The internet that came with our apartment was unusable. Truly, horribly, bad. We signed up with a company and were supposed to have everything ready for internet last Thursday. All day long Thursday I chanted, "I'm going to get internet, I'm going to get internet". In my head, of course. Out loud would have been crazy. The Engineer finally comes home from work and starts hooking everything up, but it doesn't work. He calls tech support and they say it looks as if there's a wire not plugged in somewhere and they'll get someone out to look at it. On Tuesday.

I almost cried.

I tried to hide it. I don't think I managed well. My sweet, sweet computer geek of a husband came home Friday, went outside and found where the wire had been cut. It was only about a foot from where it entered our apartment. Being the nerd that he is, he not only had the knowledge to do it, but the tools and supplies needed when most of our stuff is still in storage. So he just capped the wire and spliced it together, hooked it up, plugged it in. I don't know, pick whichever situation is correct, and I had internet. Finally. After a whole week without it. Now, before you all hold an intervention, I can live without the internet. But that's where all my finances, work, friends, family, and research are. I missed it and I'm glad to be back.

I love my computer nerd engineer. He gave me the world in the form of the internet.


  1. Perfectly lovely. When I first joined my fella in Labrador, where he had gone ahead, we had no phone and no internet. It took me about three weeks of constant nagging of the one horrible company that serves this community. I told them if they said one more time "thank you for choosing xxx,!" I would run to whatever city they were hiding in and do something to them. So I do get you. All good now though!

  2. That is sweet, Sara. Love how tuned in your guy is to you, girl.

    1. Suze, where are you hanging out lately? I can't find your blog anymore, did you move? Are you using different social media? Miss you, girl.

  3. HI, Sara,

    ON several occasions I had been without internet and believe me it is HORRIBLE. SO I can relate...

    Since you moved, does this mean you finally sold your house? I hope so! All the best in your new space. It will be home soon...

    I'm back to square one... lost my place in Tampa. (posted about it today). Anyway... Back on the internet to look for the next possible place. LOL. What would we DO WITHOUT IT... Go nuts! LOL

  4. Welcome back, Sara! I'd be quivering if I didn't get it set up pronto, too. I hope house selling/house buying come quickly for you all!

  5. So sweet. =) My techie hubby has saved me a couple of times too. While we can function without the web, why should we have to? ;)

  6. Hey Sara, all I can say is kudos to your Hubby and after moving, I'm sure you were so happy when the silly little "You're Not Connected To This Page" icon was replaced by your home page :)

    Welcome home, Bowers family... welcome home :)

  7. Great to have a partner who's handy like that! So much of what we do is online, it's funny how one little wire can cut us off from it...

  8. I know you can live without internet, too. But moving to a new place... it would like living without windows, telephone, tv... horrible. Glad it's back. Nice that you have such an adorably sweet hubby.

  9. Go engineer/computer guy husband! I understand the need for internet, too. We had our internet set up in our new house before any of our stuff actually arrived! My husband (being the computer guy that he is), brought his desktop computer in the van when we moved.

    Hope your move went well!

  10. A week without internet? golly, I'd be upset. No Skype or Twitter or books news or blogging...