Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow day

Those of us in the south don't normally get to experience a winter wonderland. I'm sure you've heard about the chaos in Atlanta but here in Macon we did pretty well.  I know that compared to many places we didn't get much snow, just less than three inches, however, the complete lack of preparedness does make any snow a dangerous situation.  The kids I saw playing in the snow were often buttoned into a windbreaker or two over their long sleeve t-shirts with socks over their hands for gloves.  That's what they have for winter clothing. Having moved here from cold weather climates my kids fared a little better.  While the only sled we had was a piece of plastic we had a blast.

Hope you're all enjoying the snow!


  1. At least you had practice, having lived up North! It completely missed Nashville. Odd. Usually we'd get snow before Georgia or Louisiana or any of those other areas. We only had a couple of light dustings this entire winter but it has been 0 degrees a ridiculous number of times.

  2. And here we are in the Pacific Northwest and have gotten about zero snow this year. My oldest is not happy!

    Stay safe. (and warm.)

  3. Hah! Macon was supposed to have the bulk of it and then it shifted north to the Atlanta area. Brrr!

  4. Great pic, Sara! Stay warm. :)

  5. Love it! And I'd enjoy an occasional snowfall too if I didn't live in MN... :-)

    1. And in case that sounds snipey, I didn't mean it to.

  6. That looks fun. Glad you all remained safe.

  7. It never snows here in San Antonio.
    If it does it is at 2 in the morning and has melted by the time you wake up!
    Glad your family had a great time.

  8. I had to laugh at the way our town behaved at having wind chills around 26 degrees having lived up north. Stores, schools, and businesses closed for the day. The Army base went into lockdown. I can remember walking to school is this kind of weather and thought it was a nice day because the temps weren't 0 and below. No snow, but the next town north of us got some.

  9. We are finally getting a fresh layer of much- wanted snow. Our mountain community depends on it for our recreational needs! :)