Friday, March 16, 2012

Entropy is still Happening

I've been tagged a few times recently and I decided just to do them all in the same post.  Hopefully this  won't get too confusing.  First I received

from Linda at Writers Do Laundry, Too.  Thanks for thinking of me.  This is an award for people who have less than 200 followers to help build a following. I didn't want to limit it so I give it to anyone who doesn't yet have 200 followers.  Just leave a comment and we'll all come over and check your blog out! 

Next was

From Cynthia at Read is the New Black.  For this award I'm supposed to share 7 interesting facts about myself.  I don't know if there are 7 interesting things about me but here goes.

1. I'm about to get my first root canal.  Yep.  Good times.
2. Both our children are adopted. We want more, so if any of you know of children looking for a home keep us in mind.
3. See, I'm only on three and I'm out of interesting things.  I need chocolate to help me think.
4. I used to fence in college.
5. I desperately want to know how to play the bagpipes.  I have a chanter and a book I've been using to teach myself, I just don't have time.  It's top of the list for when my kids get a little older.
6. I studied Russian at college.
7. I was in color guard (the flags with marching bands) for two years in high school and four years at university. 

There that wasn't too painful.  At least for me, sorry to those that are reading it.  This can go to anyone who wants to post interesting things about themselves.  I love reading them so I hope some of you take it.

The other tag was the lucky 7 meme.  This was from Julia at Writing Jewels.  The thing is I think I got this from someone else too, but I can't find where I wrote it down.  I'm so sorry to whoever it was, and hope you can forgive my swiss cheese memory.  You can leave a comment and I'll get a link to you set up.  I'm supposed to turn to page 77 of my WIP, go to line seven and post the next seven lines.  I'm using the sequel to the MS I'm hoping to query this summer so it is VERY rough.  So here it is in all its Nano glory.

“Can’t that wait until morning?”  Ginny asked, “You look exhausted.”
Maddy shook her head.  I’ll be baking all morning tomorrow anyway, I want to get this done tonight. If you want to help there’s butter that needs churning.”   She was relieved to get rid of that chore.  “Tell me about the store.  Did you have problems when Da left with Samuel?”  One more thing to feel guilty about. 
“No.  It was doing fine but Mama was so sick.  I needed to bring her home and the only way I could do that was to sell the store.”  Her voice choked up.  “It wasn’t easy.  It felt as if I was selling my life with Alex.” 

And that's that.  Whew.  Hope some of you stuck around.  Enough about me.  Why don't you tell me something about you in the comments?  Please?


  1. Drat! Why won't those images stay where I put them? Oh, well.

  2. Golly, I need chocolate all the time. And what do you know, I eating chocolate right now. haha

    Nice 7 lines. It makes me want to know what genre it is. Sounds like a Shannon Hale Goose Girl-esque book. But very well could be something other than that. Tell me more. I'm intrigued. Good job.

    1. Hope you enjoyed the chocolate. I'd love to be compared to Shannon Hale. I guess in some ways the genre is similar to Goose Girl. They're both historical types but in worlds of their own, and while mine isn't a retelling of a fairy tale it is about a fairy tale creature.

  3. Wow! Congrats on all the awards! And I loved the snippet of your story. SO good!

    I'm right there with you on the bagpipes. :)

  4. I used to be SO good about awards, but it gets so HARD!!

    Great snippet :-D

    1. Thanks.
      I don't always do awards. Usually by the time I get them everyone's had them a few times. And I'm not good at coming up with answers.

  5. Sorry, absolutely late comment here :

    Love the 7 facts and the 7 lines :). Congrats on the awards!