Friday, February 24, 2012

Tag, I'm It

I was tagged four times this week.  Once each by RuthChristine Tyler, Dawn Allen, and Traci Kensworth.  Thanks for thinking of me! Because I doubt everyone wants to read 44 questions about me I just picked a few from each list to answer. 

1.     When it comes to books, what is your biggest pet peeve?
I’m against proper grammar and spelling! 
No not really. I really hate it when I finish a book and feel as if nothing happened. That there were so many words but they didn’t say anything.   

2.       Have you ever had Ketchup Chips?  EEEWWWWW!  

3.      What is your favorite animal?  Peacocks! And sloths.  They’re just so cool.

4.       How many books/short stories/poems/songs etc. have you written? Ha!  I can’t count.  I have a dozen notebooks filled plus all the stuff on my computer.  

5.      What book (craft or otherwise) have you learned the most from?  It’s not a book but my talented friends at Compuserve have taught me so, so much.  If I ever get published it will be thanks to them.  

6.      Is it okay for guys to wear pink? Yes, as long as they’re not related to me.

7.      Do you have a theme song? Please share. The imperial march from Star Wars

8.      Where would you bury treasure if you found some? I wouldn’t.  I would take it out and share it around.  Use it to make my family happy.  I’d probably put some in the bank because security makes me happy.  That’s why I’m a writer.

9.      What book and/or movie could you read and/or watch over and over? As far as books go there are a lot I could read over and over.  Jane Eyre. Pride and Prejudice.  Persuasion. The Outlander series. The Family Nobody Wanted.  Anything by Terry Pratchett.  Movies: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad world. Shrek.Persuasion.  Pride and Prejudice, the Colin Firth version.  If anyone wants to know why I didn’t put the Kiera Knightly version I’ll be happy to tell you but be prepared for a rant.

10 Have you ever done anything illegal? My lawyer has advised me not to answer this question.
If the dream agent walked in one day with the dream deal on your latest novel, how would you react?  Honestly, I’d probably wake up.  Oh, you mean if it wasn’t a dream.  I'd try to cobble together some semi-intelligent questions then sign the contract before she could retract the offer.  I'd wait till she left to scream.  

I know a lot of you have already been tagged so anyone who wants can take my questions and answer them.  Leave a message in the comments so we can come on over.  If you don't want to do the whole think just answer one of them in the comments sections I'd love to get to know you all better.  

1.        If you could rule any country with an iron fist which country would it be and why?
2.       Who is your favorite fictional character?
3.       Physical books, ebooks or both? 
4.       Who is your nemesis?
5.       Salty or sweet?(I had a better question than this but I was in the car when I thought of it and now it's gone)
6.       How do you overcome writers block?
7.       If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?
8.       What is your favorite place to write?
9.       What would be your favorite vacation?
10  Do you have a favorite author?  Who is it?
11   Why do you blog?


  1. This was fun ...

    I'll choose #6, How do you overcome Writer's Block?

    Step away from the computer and walk, walk, walk, outside, for a good long while. Walking works writing miracles.

    1. Walking is good. I've had a lot of breakthroughs on walks. And showers.

  2. I'm going to answer # 9 and # 10--just cause I want to. ; )
    #9--Jamaica in non-hurricane season with a pina collada in my hand--Make that with very little rum or virgin. (Bet you knew that.)
    #10--Diana Gabaldon, of course. ; )

  3. Great answers! The Imperial March? Ha! Wasn't expecting that.

    1. Well, in complete honesty that's more The Engineer's theme song than mine. I'm really into silence right now. Probably because I don't get much of it. And really how cool would it be to be able to arrive and leave without making a sound.

  4. Love your answers! I kinda like ketchup chips...
    Peacocks are lovely!