Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Do you ever have the feeling that working on your MS is like being in quicksand?  The more you struggle the more you sink into its suffocating depths, never to return.  There's no way out, and nothing you can do to save yourself. 

I think part of my reason for feeling like this is the fact I've been sick for 12 days.  I don't want to be sick anymore.  I want to have energy, I want to be able to think, I want to be able to talk.  OK, not that last one so much.  I didn't notice how much I appreciated those things  until I didn't have them.  I'm going to go take a nap.  Hope you are all doing well. 


  1. Sara,
    I hear you! I'm in a blah, sick, can't do much mood, too. It will get better...I keep telling myself that.

  2. 12 days?! Poor you. Hope you are on the mend soon and get out of that quicksand.

    Love seeing your picture! Nice to put a picture with the name:)

  3. Perhaps it's the turning of the seasons.

  4. Zan, sorry you're sick too. Get well soon. We'll have a writing marathon when we get better.

  5. Ruth, the funny thing is I took that picture myself and trying to elongate my arm (so you don't just get a picture of my huge nose) and not look like a contortionist and smile so they can't tell how awkward it really is....Hubby says it doesn't really look like me. Who else could it look like I may ask?

  6. Widdershins, Changes like that always do bring illness. which if all of us get this sick every season change it's a good thing we live in Georgia where there really aren't seasons. Only Hot, and wet.

  7. Hope you feel better soon!
    And I hope I listen to myself and get a lot of typing up done this weekend, otherwise I'm going to feel really useless and far behind...

  8. Float, Sarah, float! When you are ill it saps your creativity. It takes all your energy to get better. The comparison to quicksand is appropriate.

    The only deadlines you face are in your own mind. Even five words a day is progress. It amazes me how self-employed people (including authors) don't take sick days. When you work for someone else, if you are sick you call out sick.

    Authors are a driven breed. We pull proses and type them on paper like a magician pulling a rabbit out of its hat. Sometimes, it is not always so easy, but we push past everything else to put words to paper or screen.

    Allow yourself to be sick, honey. Ignoring illness only makes it last longer and cause more frustration.

  9. Thanks Jo, I've been trying to take it easy and I'm finally starting to feel better. I still have some guilt but I'll just use it to motivate me next week.