Monday, July 25, 2011

Pet Phrases

I've read blog posts about pet phrases or words.  Some authors use "just" a lot.  Others "that".  I often wondered what my pet phrase was but couldn't think of anything.  During my current round of revisions I have found my pet phrase.  I didn't realize how often I used the phrase "he/she knew".  Apparently he and she already knew about a lot of things. So many that I wonder why I'm even writing this book.  It's been quite frustrating, though luckily it's an easy fix.  In most cases I can just delete that phrase and the sentence is fine.  Still it's been an eye opener to me. 

Do you have pet phrases?  How do you keep from using them?  Or do you just ignore them and clean it up in revisions?


  1. Wow, we really are on the same wavelength at the moment!

  2. Yea, it's kinda odd because usually I only get like this with my mom.