Monday, January 22, 2018


I thought I would have an announcement (not writing related) last week, but we're still waiting.

Waiting is more a part of my life than I ever could have expected. I remmeber as a child, waiting on my parents to stop talking/shopping/looking/whatever; and thinking, I'll never wait when I grow up. I'll be in charge.

I'll pause so you can all laugh.

How to wait was one of the most important skills my parent's taught me. I hope I'm passing it on to my children. There is so much of life that we have no control over. So much we have to 'wait and see'. There's a lot of living to be done while we're waiting on things, but the waiting is always there, hanging over us. 

Hopefully, answers will be given soon, but, until then, I'll be here at my computer, writing and waiting.


  1. We really are blessed as writers to have something to preoccupy our minds while we wait. My mother was one of those seriously slow shoppers and I would sit in the car waiting for hours. Back then, there were no cell phones and I was never good at art, so I either read or wrote while I waited. I never thought of that as a good thing until now.

  2. Fingers crossed for good news for you!

  3. Ha! Ha! on what you used to think. Hope you have good news to share soon.

  4. I have zero patience so you're totally doing better than me! P.s. I love your new bio photo!!!

  5. Good luck on getting your answer soon. I hope you'll tell us the news, then, right?

  6. I'll never wait when I grow up. I'll be in charge...EPIC