Thursday, August 31, 2017

Inspiration from elementary school

The other day after school my son told me about one of his writing assignments in class. "Actually," he told me, "I was supposed to do it the other day, but I didn't get it done because I couldn't think of a sentence good enough to start. But today it was easy and I wrote lots."

Apparently beginnings are always hard, no matter your age or what you're writing.

The thing that impressed me was that he was able to put it aside when he was blocked and come back at another time and figure out what to say. It was great inspiration to me. If something isn't working put it aside. Come back another time. Maybe the time apart will jiggle free some ideas. Maybe I couldn't think of anything because of stress or preoccupation. Whatever the reason, I can just go about living and try again later, rather than beating myself up. 

For a third grader, he's pretty smart.


  1. I agree with your son's approach. Sometimes a break is all we need to refresh our creativity.

  2. I like that he figured out this wisdom so young!