Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The End

I’ve read several books by an author who I’ve enjoyed. Up until the ending of each book. Each ending is a disappointment. She has her characters behave very stupidly, just to fit a formula the author thinks she needs to follow. I know she’s following a formula because it’s the exact same in each of the books. Same situation, same reactions, no matter who the characters are. 


Do what is true to the character.

And don’t keep re-writing the same book with different people. Your readers will notice. And they will be upset. I know I am.  So much so that I’ve stopped buying her books. Why bother when I know it will just be a disappointment.

The author has so much potential. It’s frustrating to see her cop out at the end.

Have you ever experienced something like this?


  1. YES. I've definitely read several books that disappointed me. They're the ones I dread reviewing. My husband always knows too. "What are you reading?" he'll ask. "A stupid book," I'll reply. Then he gives me that time-old lecture about why I'd waste my time. I really should listen to him, right?

  2. I find if I read back to back in any given genre, it starts to feel somewhat formulaic. I switch up genres and authors to avoid that.

  3. I hate formulas. I sometimes worry that my characters will start to sound the same since they're all my creations.

  4. I think this is why I tend not to read too much romance. How many different couples can I care about? The story has to have a lot of depth to it, otherwise I figure "yea, yea, they get together, the end" :P