Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Five Minute Fiction

Leah Peterson over at Write Me! has a weekly Five Minute Fiction challenge.  Every Tuesday at 1:30pm EST she posts a prompt and you have five minutes to write a flash fiction piece which you then post in the comments.  The past month Five Minute Fiction has been doing a blog tour.  Today it was at Future; nostalgic. 

I have participated the past few weeks because, hey, it gave me a break from editing.  Also I thought it was a good exercise in jumping in, finding a story and writing quickly.  Imagine my surprise when I made it to the final five today!  There are lots of fun posts in the comment sections here.  So if you’re interested go have a read and if you really like one go ahead and vote for it.  

See you next week at Five Minute Fiction.


  1. Congratulations! I loved it. Next time, let me know sooner and I'll vote for you!